Practice News

12th Sep

Help with the cost of living crisis

Sometimes we all need a bit of help, especially with the recent increases in the cost of energy, food and other bills.  This hub provides advice and information for people impacted by the cost of living crisis.

Please see attached for information on some food banks within the Kent and Medway area.


22nd Aug

Sevenoaks District Seniors Action Forum - please join us to celebrate Silver Tuesday at our Open Day and Coffee Morning

 Tuesday 4th October 2022, starting at 10.15 a.m. until 1.00 p.m.

 To be held at The Olympic, Swanley, Beechenlea Lane BR8 8D9

 Coffee, tea & entry are free of charge

This event is open to the general public and all age groups are welcome

A range of organisations will be there to give advice and provide information about services available to Seniors and the wider community

At 11.00 am there will be a talk by Peter Fleming- the Leader of  Sevenoaks District Council on how they plan to cope with some of the problems ahead and achieve the aim of becoming Carbon Zero by 2030. This will include time for questions and answers

There will musical entertainment and other activities, even a chance to win prizes. There will be ample time to meet and chat with others

This will be followed by the Forum’s AGM at 2.00 pm

Come along for all or just part of the day

Family fun
31st May

Dr Clayton wanted to let patients know about her forthcoming plans, as she will be leaving the Oaks at the end of June

I am leaving the Oaks on 29th June after 25 years! I still remember my first week—how time flies.

It has been an amazing place to work, with a fabulous team of clinical and non-clinical staff with whom over those years, I have shared laughs, tears, frustrations and successes. The heart of the Oaks has always been to deliver the best possible patient care, and this will not change despite the increasing pressures and restraints on Primary Care. I have loved the work as a GP, getting to know patients and their families; it really has been an honour and a privilege to be your GP.

As for the next chapter, I have always felt called by God to serve in some way overseas. In 2016 I was able to spend a month in Sierra Leone and I fell in love with the people and country. It is a country with so much potential but struggling under corruption and a recent history which includes war, Ebola, mudslides and flooding. It is the worst place in the world to be pregnant with 1 in 9 teenage pregnancies ending in the death of the mother. A challenging place!

The Oaks has prepared me well. I plan to move there semi permanently and volunteer with Transform Salone, an educational charity of which I am a trustee, in addition to delivering some medical education. This may be in maternal health but also training community health workers, medical students, nurses and doctors. My plans are not as concrete as I would have liked given the travel restrictions of the last 2 years. I am sure it will be exciting, frustrating, terrifying and rewarding in equal measure, but as a Christian I will be serving God with gifts he has given me. He doesn’t promise to keep me safe but I know He will be there on every step of the journey.

13th Mar

Community Pharmacy Consultation Service - coming to The Oaks from Monday 14th March

Did you know…?

We are participating in a new approach to improve access for patients to GP appointments. The aim is to direct patients to the most appropriate healthcare professional, which may be a GP or a pharmacist.

From Monday 14th March, if your symptoms could be resolved by a booked consultation with the pharmacist instead of the GP, you will be given a same-day referral to a pharmacy of your choice.

We think this is a good thing. Once you see how great your local pharmacist is – they are highly trained and skilled clinicians experienced in treating minor illnesses – we don’t think you’ll look back.

This will also help us to free up GP appointments for people with more complex health needs and ensure that everyone gets treated at the right time, by the right healthcare professional.

We are keen to hear what you think and will be listening to your comments and feedback about your experience of using this service.

22nd Feb

Exciting times ahead for the Oaks Partnership and Cedars Surgery

A large purpose-built health centre housing both the Oaks and Cedars surgeries has been talked about for many years and has now gone through public consultation. Although no concrete dates are known for when works will start; the partners from each surgery feel it would be in the best interests of our respective patient populations that we work more closely together to develop services ahead of the Swanley Hub being built and us being under one roof.

Working together within Swanley and Rural PCN is nothing new. For the last few years, both Oaks and Cedars surgeries have been collaborating with Devon Road and Braeside surgeries to deliver services as a network of practices and employ additional staff within practices such as paramedics and pharmacists. Notably, more recently we have collaborated on offering COVID-19 and flu vaccinations to the wider community.

With the Oaks and Cedars collaborating, being so geographically similar, and now, with the new building in sight, it is sensible to develop aspects of our patient care together. Given the ongoing retirement of clinical staff across the NHS and difficulty in replacing doctors, nurses and ancillary staff, this is also a timely intervention to maintain a medical presence within Swanley town centre.

The current partners will continue at The Oaks but Dr Clayton, Dr Finn and Dr Farrant as salaried GPs and Dr Mufti will work in Partnership with Dr Jones and Dr Giakoumi from the Cedars Surgery.

Both practices plan to continue to operate at their current locations as the Oaks Partnership and the Cedars Surgery, with the same staffing and appointment structures that they have now.  We will aim firstly to collaborate on delivering some elements of healthcare to patients, in the same way as we have done for the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Both surgeries are excited to share this news with you and look forward to delivering high-quality patient care from a new building in the years to come.  As we near the completion of the Swanley Hub building in a few years, both practices will relocate together and will likely plan to become one larger medical practice housing a merged list of patients. We see this as an exciting opportunity for us to build a secure future for our two practices and medical care in Swanley. It will enable us to manage and navigate the challenges of the NHS and offer the best for our patients with better resources.

To summarise, the planned collaboration will not mean changes for patients in the way they interact with us. For now, patients will not see changes to the way we operate on a day-to-day basis, but we feel it is important to share this positive news with you, along with our plans for the years to come.

Staff and the respective patient participation groups have been informed of the changes and if there are any questions, please do ask. We plan to release a newsletter in the near future that may help to answer common thoughts and queries about our collaboration.

15th Feb

Important Changes to Car Parking Outside The Practice

Please don’t forget to pay for your parking

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras in Action in the CCP Car Park.

ANPR Cameras are in operation in the private CCP Car Park outside the practice.  Please ensure that you pay to park to avoid any fines and take note of the notices displayed by CCP Car Parks.  Disabled blue badge holders do need to pay to use the car park.  The car park machines take cash and debit/credit cards and there is an app that can be used called Tap2Pay.

The Oaks Partnership is not liable for any fines that may be imposed by CCP as a result of not paying for parking.

26th Aug 2021


No urine samples will be accepted after 11am each day unless specifically requested urgently by the surgery.  This is so that samples that need to be sent on to the microbiology laboratory can be collected each morning for analysis.

Thank you.

3rd Jun 2021

About the General Practice Data for Planning and Research data collection

We are aware that there has been much in the media about GPDPR.  Please follow the links to further information from the NHS and why your data matters to them.  There is also a section on mythbusting social media posts about the national data opt-out.  If you do wish to opt out of the service you may do so online or by downloading, signing and returning your opt out form to the practice.  You may also change your mind.